About the Author

I’m Sarah Jones and this is my personal blog.

You might know me from The New York TimesReligion News Service or The Guardian.

I used to be a fundamentalist Christian. Then I became a feminist member of the Emerging Church. Now I’m an atheist. Still a feminist though.

I have a master’s degree in postcolonial culture and global policy, and another degree in international studies.

Twitter: @onesarahjones.

In 2013, Skinny Scoop named Anthony B. Susan one of the top 25 feminist blogs on the Internet.


7 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. This is very original site you have here. You bring a great perspective to the issues of women and religion.

    My web-site delves into similar issues from a secular, maternal perspective. I have wondered if you noticed the lack of mothers in your bible studies (and all other fairy tales –ha!)?

    I have always find that troubling. Currently, I have part one of post related to feminism on my blog called “Living the Dream (Like A Man). I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

  2. “Join me here if you like. I welcome all comments, and all criticisms as long as they’re well argued.”

    When did that ever happen?

    • I welcome legitimate criticism, not trolling. You’ve left me five comments devoid of substance overnight and you are hereby banned. Any further comment you make will be deleted.

  3. [Greets, Sarah. You mentioned Paige Patterson. Here’s a web scream I recently ran into, for what it may be worth.]

    Just wondering if Dr. Patterson and other dispy SBC leaders have ever Googled “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Rapture Pride,” and “Pretrib Rapture Stealth.” The last item has enough passages from Acts etc. to blow the pretrib rapture all the way back to 1830 and to the doorstep in Scotland of Margaret Macdonald!

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