Help an aspiring student (or two)

And yes, I am one of those students.

I have been accepted to Goldsmiths, University of London for an MA in Postcolonial Culture and Global Policy. It’s a wonderful program and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to attend. Unfortunately, getting there costs more money than I earn as a substitute preschool teacher. Thanks to an ever-mounting pile of medical bills due to a diagnosis of hereditary spherocytosis (among other factors) I’m ineligible for a credit card or a private loan. Fortunately, I qualify for student loans, and since I missed the deadlines for scholarships, that will be how I pay for my education. But I also need to apply for my student visa and purchase a plane ticket.

So far, I have saved $301. It doesn’t sound like much. But every spare bit of change I have is going into my savings, and it still won’t be enough. Total cost of plane ticket and visa so far: $878. I make about $700 a month. And I’m looking for a second job, but nothing’s come through yet.

So I’m asking for help.  My family can’t contribute due to medical bills, so it’s up to me to raise the funds to continue my education. And I would prefer not to ask for help. I’ve avoided it for a while. But my education is very important to me, and this program fills a significant gap in my international studies background. Furthermore, without an MA, I’ll be unable to move very far in the international nonprofit world. My current situation leaves me with few other options.

If you can help me out, click the donate button located on the bottom of this page. And because I’m not the only student in this situation, please consider checking out this website: Unlike me, she’s ineligible for any sort of student aid and needs even more help than I do.

You can direct any further questions about the program, my career aspirations or my current work with activists to the contact info I provided in the About Me page, or in the comments. And thank you for reading.

Update: Thanks to some incredibly generous people I have been able to raise $211. That puts my total savings at $508–which means I’m only $44 away from my plane ticket, and $370 away from paying for both the ticket and the visa. My parents also send their thanks. My student loan payments have started coming due and won’t be deferred due to grad school until October. This help means I’m able to send them some extra money so they can actually make the payments. They are so relieved, and so am I. Thank you again.


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