This is why I walk

Because Ohio Republicans are attempting to pass a bill that will forbid terminations even to save a woman’s life if the fetus has acquired a heartbeat.

Because the House GOP thinks it has the right to redefine rape, as if some rapes count more than others; and because they are striving to strip funding away from an organization that provides thousands of men and women with necessary health care.

Because there’s a Republican in Georgia who wants to investigate your miscarriage as a potential crime scene, and because Republicans in Iowa and Nebraska that want to legalize the use of deadly force in defense of a fetus.

I am going to walk in Columbus tomorrow, come hell, high water, or another hospital visit. I am going to walk if it’s snowing, if it’s raining, if it’s sleeting. And I will raise my voice and my fist because I believe that women deserve the right to make our own medical decisions. I will be there because these bills are not really about the sanctity of life. How can they be, when they clearly could care less about the lives of women? I will be there because I believe my body has value, and so does my mind, and I have an unalienable right to protect myself from harm.

My worth is not less than that of a fetus.

All rape is forcible rape.

Miscarriages are private tragedies.

And even if you believe abortion really is murder, committing more murder really does nothing to prove your point.

If you agree: noon, Wexner Center Plaza. We’ll march to the Statehouse and we will show Republicans that we will not be so easily silenced.



One thought on “This is why I walk

  1. Share how silencing the heartbeat of the unborn helps a woman cope with a rape. One will never answer that in a short sentence. I am glad we have rule of law, not the rule of whiny, hate filled, venomous protesters. We don’t legislate via protests. That’s a good thing for America.

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