Truth has a tendency to triumph over slander

And I’m happy to report that’s exactly the case with situation regarding my ex. Many of you probably remember the harassing comments made by Alex (since he identified himself I see no point in trying to protect his identity any longer). I never heard from the great and powerful Cincinnati attorney, and I consulted the town police. If Alex makes any further contact with me, he will go to jail. Contrary to what he claimed here, the police in his town corroborated that they did in fact ask him to cease contacting me in the spring of 2010.

As is probably clear to everyone but Alex, and whoever the other commenter is, I did not commit libel. Furthermore, I told the truth, and the truth has won out. Nothing will alleviate the offense he caused me by his abuse, and his subsequent harassment, but I am proud of myself for taking action to prevent him from affecting my life any further. I send my deep gratitude to everyone who supported me throughout this difficult situation.


3 thoughts on “Truth has a tendency to triumph over slander

    • I’m doing much better than I was. It’s a nightmare, you know. Not only are you assaulted, and psychologically abused, but you’re harassed after the fact and finally threatened with a lawsuit (for character defamation). On your birthday.

      But it seems to be over. I’ve thought that before and so I’m not holding my breath. He’s dug himself quite a hole, however; he’s been publicly revealed as a liar, and will go to jail if he ever contacts me again. Maybe he’s finally gotten the message.

      The worst part of this is that I have never once received an apology, or any sort of acknowledgement that he did wrong. That is hard to accept.

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