Trust women.

The House just voted to defund Planned Parenthood. For the misinformed, Planned Parenthood does not use federal funds for abortions. They can’t. Thanks, Hyde Amendment. Planned Parenthood uses federal funds to subsidize the cost of STD testing, contraception, and gynecological exams. So let’s be clear, this is not about defending the sanctity of life. Neither was South Dakota’s attempt to legalize “justifiable homicide” in defense of a fetus, Ohio’s proposal to forbid all terminations after the fetus has acquired a heartbeat, or Texas’s decision to force all women to view a sonogram before aborting a pregnancy.

These pieces of legislation do not reflect a respect for life. They reflect a vitriolic misogyny fueled by a skewed interpretation of Christianity.

Too harsh? Well, no, actually. Not at all. The use of the word “misogyny” is absolutely justified because I, and every other American woman, now face life in a country that does not respect our bodily autonomy. We face life in a society that so little values us that our politicians are willing to let us die of pregnancy-related complications in order to protect a non-sentient organism (which is not only barbaric but also stupid, for reasons obvious to everyone but Ohio Republicans).

It’s classic rape culture and it churns my stomach, it clenches my heart, it leaves me frozen to my chair. I am being told that I do not have the right to decide the fate of my own body, that I am even incapable of making such a decision without outside influence. And I’ve heard this before. I have lived it before. Right now, I’m just waiting for the House GOP to tell me to stop being such a diva because they too are only giving me what I want.

It was evil the first time I heard it and it’s evil now. So I’ll be marching in Columbus next weekend. I will bug the hell out of my congressman, I will organize and rally and fight this latest attempt to remove my control over my body. If you’re in Ohio, please consider joining me in Columbus for the Walk for Choice. If you’re elsewhere, I urge you to find your nearest WFC location and participate. Write your local representative, and organize your friends to do the same. If Wisconsin public employees can muster such a powerful presence that they have packed the Capital, imagine what we can accomplish for choice.

Event pages for Columbus Walk for Choice here: And here:


3 thoughts on “Trust women.

  1. “These pieces of legislation do not reflect a respect for life. They reflect a vitriolic misogyny fueled by a skewed interpretation of Christianity.”

    This is, of course, only the case if pro-lifers do not think a fetus/unborn child is a human. If we did not it would seem very miogynistic and wrong to force woman to do anything with something in their body that is not a human being or a person. Since that is not the case it seems that if they are right they are in fact protecting life. We reject our right to bodily autonomy in this case because if we did not we would be rejecting anothers right to live.

    Anyway the pro-choice movement has stil given me no good reason or argument for why I should be more certain that a fetus is not a human being or person then that there is a good chance that a fetus is a human being or person.

  2. It is absolutely the right of any woman to relinquish her individual right to bodily autonomy. But that is not a decision that should be made for someone. Furthermore, the legal principle of bodily autonomy underpins laws against assault and rape, in addition to abortion, so laws that violate this principle also undermine the justice system’s ability to protect victims of violent crimes.

    I have no problem with women who are personally anti-abortion. I have many problems with people who are politically anti-choice.

    • “But that is not a decision that should be made for someone.”

      But there are plenty of cases where we do just that, such as the police preventing someone from committing homocide or otherwise harming another human being. The question is should abortion fall under that category or not? Those of us who view it as at least a form of homocide would say that this is a case where others do have a right to take away her bodily autonomy since she is harming another human being. If that is the case then it would not be a form of assualt to keep a woman from having an abortion in the way that it is not an assualt if someone forcibly prevents a women from committing homocide or some other act that would cause harm to another. So the issue still revolves around whether a fetus is a human being/person or not. If it is even probable that they are it seems we must say that in this case a women does not have the right to bodily autonomy. I am certainly not saying that women have no right to bodily autonomy, just that in cases where that autonomy hurts others she relinquishes it which I would argue is the case in abortion.

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