Harassment on the blog

Some of you may have noticed that the subject of my post “On Moving Forward” harassed me in the comments section and asked me to contact him. Since he was stupid enough to sign his name, and clearly violated the no contact order that’s been in place since April, I’ve taken the appropriate legal action and he won’t be troubling me any further. Friends of his, take note.

I hope to resume regular posting on the blog this weekend.


11 thoughts on “Harassment on the blog

  1. Yeah. Anyone with any insight at all can see that an innocent, good-willed person would NEVER respond on a blog as he did. He’s trying to one-up you in maturity, but exposed his game.

  2. I just got off the phone with the Greene County Sheriff’s office. There’s no type of restraining order against me. In fact, if you’d like to check the public records for yourself, here’s a link:


    The list is comprehensive and updates daily.

    This is the last time I will address you directly. I asked you very respectfully to communicate with me one-on-one with your allegations, and you refused. Not only that, but you made the claim that a no contact order is in effect, thereby implying that at some point a court or judge ruled in your favor against me.

    Statements like “imagine how many more women he’s hurt,” the accusation that I am an attempted rapist, and the above noted falsification are considered defamation under Ohio law (Chapter 2739 http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2739). You should be aware that I am currently contacting an attorney who specializes in defamation cases in Cincinnati.

    Combined with your previous threats via facebook, I believe I have a very strong case. I’m giving you a chance to rescind your libelous comments right now before my lawyer drafts a cease-and-desist letter. This is not a joke. I will take you to court over this.

    You have a choice to make. Either you can hire an attorney and prepare for a civil lawsuit, or you can remove the blog post, references to me and my family, and associated replies. I am deadly serious. I am not letting you hurt me or the people around me any longer.

    I’m going to give you a week to make up your mind. You won’t be hearing from me again unless it’s through my attorney, and if you fail to cease your vendetta, I’ll be forced to file a suit. Figure out if your lie is worth it. If I hear of anything else directly referencing me or my family before next Friday at 12 am, consider your time exhausted prematurely. This ends here.

  3. This entitled cunt doesn’t believe in equality, she believes in special rights for women at the expense and 2nd class treatment of male citizens. Time to give feminists the FINGER ->

    Manhood101 . com

    • Thanks for the laugh, Stevo. Fortunately I believe that my cunt is most definitely entitled, by which I mean it is entitled to a far better class of man than you clearly are.

      • all crazy cat ladies love 2 say that. but tell them to see how long they can make it in a society NOT DESIGNED BY MEN LOL!

  4. sarahejones Says:

    January 7, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    You are not the only cunt in this town.

    HAHAHAHA! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

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