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Welcome to Anthony B. Susan (explanation at the top of this page). This blog is going to be a little different from the average feminist/politically progressive venture. I write from the perspective of a former self-identified member of the religious right. There isn’t much intelligent discussion among progressive circles regarding the beliefs of American Christians. Christianity is complicated, and the popular demonization of all American Christians as right wing, anti-gay, anti-feminist nuts reflects a poor understanding of the trends that currently define Christianity in America.

Christians can be gay. Christians can be feminists. Christians can love the environment. And yes, Christians can even be pro-choice.

Of course, Christians can also be the opposite of those things, and they tend to be the sort that attract the most attention. The purpose of this blog, aside from being a place for commentary on all things political and feminist and anything in between, is twofold: to confirm or dispel the preconceptions many individuals possess about Christianity, and to provide clarity on the complicated many-headed creature that it has become in the 21st Century.

As for information about me: I’m a white ciswoman two classes away from finishing a BA in International Studies. This means that this blog will often have a global focus. My international experience is a little limited: to date, I’ve spent a semester in Wales, a week in Ireland, and another week in Brazil. I fully intend to build on that experience. My academic interests are international relations, media, religion, and political theory, and I am unapologetically geeky about all those things.

Commenting rules are simple: be thoughtful and be polite. I dislike stupid arguments even more than I dislike rudeness. Otherwise, I’m not a fan of censorship, so if you can state yourself articulately you are welcome to comment as much as you like. If you have suggestions for a special series or questions you’d like me to address, add those in the comments.

Welcome to the blog!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the blog!

  1. I read your post at Feministing (it might not be a bad idea to cross-post it here, or at least link to it, because it’s very well done), and I have a few follow-up questions, some specific, and some more broad.

    First, though I think it might be helpful to state my background and where I’m coming from. In many ways, I’m the exact opposite of you–I grew up in a very liberal family, went to public schools in a very liberal suburb of Madison, WI, went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but then somehow managed to become quite a bit more socially conservative while attending UW-Madison, to the point where I have been active in the pro-life student organization there. If there is anything more specific about me that you are curious about, please feel free to ask.

    Anyway, I think that your perspective as someone who went to a conservative Christian college, but came out disagreeing with their beliefs, can be really illuminating, because you have actual experiences to talk about, not just stereotypes. I would have never gone to your school, (Franciscan University of Steubenville would be more my style at this point, if you know what I mean), but since I have never been to either place myself I am curious about what life is like at colleges like those two. And it’s probably even more important for feminists who have never identified with the religious right to understand what actually goes on there.

    So my broad “question” is simply, please feel free to share more about your experiences at your school.

    My specific questions are, were there any people there who supported you? And were they people who mostly agreed with you, or were they people who disagreed with you but believed in fairness and treating everyone with respect?

  2. Hey Alex (and Jo!)

    I’m glad you found the blog! And I think your questions are excellent. Originally, I’d planned to begin a series on complementarianism, but due to the content of my guest post for Feministing I think the questions you’ve raised would make great content for a follow up post on my blog. The short answer is yes, there were definitely people who supported me. I’ll elaborate in another post this weekend.

  3. Found your blog through Feministing. Looks really interesting, I’m looking forward to reading more! I blog about similar issues – my focus is on an intersectional analysis of complementarianism and other forms of Christian patriarchy. I’m also ex-Christian at this point, in part due to gender/sexuality issues in Christianity. It’s exciting to see so much feminist work being done now by women from similar backgrounds. I’d love if it you stopped by my blog sometime!

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